Panoramic color photo of downtown Milwaukee, as displayed on the Wisconsin Public Radio website
Case study

Wisconsin Public Radio

Wisconsin Public Radio creates some of the strongest content in the Midwest.
Vendi's work makes sure it reaches audiences in innovative ways.  

Services provided

  • Brand
  • Creative
  • Web

We’re listeners, readers, members and fans. But to WPR, we’ve been a go-to partner for brand and web.

We’ll admit it. On our first trip to the Wisconsin Public Radio offices, we froze when the longtime broadcaster and Wisconsin icon Larry Meillor got on our elevator. Didn’t say a word to him. Just averted our eyes and held our breaths. Acted. Cool. 

We were there to help WPR launch a new initiative with PBS Wisconsin and UW-Extension. The project was WisContext, a news website we helped them build and brand. That site won 8 media awards the first year and won some web and brand awards for Vendi too.

In developing the WisContext site, we considered the quality and variety of media. And working under the Drupal premise of "Create one, publish many," the Vendi development team accomplished a seamless integration of diverse media players and content sources. 

The award-winning brand identity was comprehensive—designed to extend as a site organizational structure. The team worked collaboratively to ensure the design elements became a functional foundation of the UI/UX.

WisContext brand identity and news website

Putting Wisconsin Life in motion

Following that project, WPR approached Vendi for help with their Wisconsin Life brand. “Wisconsin Life” is a co-production of Wisconsin Public Radio and PBS Wisconsin.

Vendi’s logo design and graphic elements were designed with motion and broadcast potential, so the brand could be brought to life through animation on all screens.

Wisconsin Life has been recognized with numerous awards from the American Association for State and Local History, the Midwest Broadcast Journalists Association, the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, the Milwaukee Press Club, and the Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards.


Beyond The Ballot

WPR again turned to Vendi for a web project to share more than 500 interviews in an effort to learn what mattered most during the election season to the people of Wisconsin.

Vendi designed the interface to be accessible, easily navigated and reflective of the diverse perspectives across the state. Our team developed an audio player for the initiative.

The website UI and backend were repurposed for WPR coverage of the Wisconsin gubernatorial race.

Wisconsin Public Radio election coverage website
“We quite literally couldn’t have completed our website project without Vendi, they are the SEAL Team Six of web development.”
– David Hyland, Director of Digital Media