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Implant Logistics

Healthcare industry disruptor aims to cause even more commotion
Vendi’s innovation-focused brand revamp helps Implant Logistics raise its voice to shake up the dental implant industry like never before.

Services provided

  • Brand
  • Photography & videography
  • Strategy

Rebranding delivers the right level of disruption

Home to the most revolutionary technologies introduced to the dental implant market in the past 25 years, Implant Logistics makes the highest quality, most precise dental implant systems in the U.S. But Implant Logistics may have been the industry’s best kept secret.

Time for a brand strategy and a dental implant marketing plan

Implant Logistics needed a fresh, well-defined brand to reflect its leadership in improving the dental implant industry and clearly connect to family brand AMS Micromedical.

Branded house framework for growth

Vendi’s brand strategy builds on Implant Logistics’ existing brand equity and includes several components key to solidifying the overall brand:

  • Creation of a cohesive brand family to connect current and future companies and products
  • A refreshed brand look and feel to reflect innovation and create consistency among related entities
  • A new tagline that communicates the company’s commitment to innovation
  • Messaging targeted to varied key audience segments
  • Standardized and expanded marketing assets

Poised for progress

Implant Logistics is moving forward with the clarity and direction only a solid branding strategy can provide. A solidified brand, combined with proven branding tools and insights, puts Implant Logistics on an enduring foundation upon which to grow their market share and continue disrupting the dental industry.

Implant Logistics brand standards
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“They called us ‘disruptors’ and ‘innovators.’ They nailed us in the first five minutes.”
– Dr. Leo Malin, Implant Logistics founder