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Case study

Chileda Shine

Chileda was already well-known for its residential treatment programs for youth with extraordinary behavioral challenges.

Vendi helped shine the light on Chileda’s newest service line that reaches clients in their homes.

Services provided

  • Brand
  • Creative
  • Marketing
  • Strategy

New service line, new brand identity

Chileda, founded in 1973, is a living and learning center dedicated to helping children with severe cognitive and behavioral challenges.

Chileda’s traditional model since its founding has been to treat children on-site at their campus. In recent years, Chileda started offering in-home care. While this program was already developed operationally, Chileda needed to take it to the next level. Chileda engaged Vendi to get the word out.

The brand marketing experts at Vendi created a brand identity for this new service line that differentiates Chileda’s individualized care in homes and in the community from its traditional care program.

Vendi services consulting for marketing brand included:

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Creative
  • Key messaging
  • Marketing strategy
  • Communications planning

A name that inspires hope and possibilities

Through a brand strategy session and collaboration with key stakeholders, Vendi worked with Chileda to create the Chileda Shine name. It leverages the strong brand equity and legacy of the parent brand. It was inspired by the dedicated professionals who see each child in their best light and provide them with the opportunity to shine.

Brand messaging focuses on the positive impact that Chileda can have on the lives of children with cognitive and behavioral challenges, regardless of where they receive care.

Vendi positions Chileda Shine as a premier provider of behavior solutions in the La Crosse area

Vendi also developed a strategic communications plan that establishes Chileda Shine as the leading provider for community-based behavior solutions, not only for potential new clients but also for employee recruitment. The plan included:

  • Meta ads
  • Services and recruitment brochures
  • Website updates and recommendations
  • Public relations support

Vendi’s expertise in brand development and marketing enables Chileda to clearly define and showcase their expert approach and positive outcomes. Further, Vendi’s campaign deliverables ensure that La Crosse-area families requiring specific youth behavior solutions should choose Chileda for expert care.