Panoramic aerial photo of the crowd at Oktoberfest for the tapping of the Golden Keg
Case study

Oktoberfest USA

Oktoberfest USA wanted to refresh its brand to invigorate its current audience and expand its draw to include families.
Vendi kept the festival's authentic feel while using modern creative to appeal to an expanded market.

Services provided

  • Brand
  • Creative
  • Digital
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Web

Rebranding Oktoberfest: Taking something great and making it Das Beste

Oktoberfest in La Crosse, Wisconsin is a big part of the local culture. Largely regarded as a beer festival, it had been an annual tradition for decades. When a brand is that entrenched, refreshing it can be a daunting task, but Oktoberfest USA wanted to position itself as family-friendly festival with numerous events.

Vendi took on the task as a part of their Vendi Share program, which provides pro-bono work for organizations that benefit their community. Oktoberfest brings the La Crosse area an average of $17 million tourist dollars annually.

Refreshed creative brought a beloved brand into the modern era

Oktoberfest's brand update included:

  • New logos for events
  • New tagline
  • New color palette
  • New textures and patterns incorporated into creative
  • New collateral including brochure, event poster, shuttle flyer, even tickets, signage
  • New clothing design including t-shirts, hats and lanyards

A well-received rejuvenation

Both leadership and community members had positive reactions to the new branding. Attendance increased the year following the rebrand.

Oktoberfest USA affiliate logos
Oktoberfest USA brand standards guide
“Vendi took considerable time and care with understanding and reinvigorating a brand that La Crosse has been familiar with since 1961.”
– Courtney Daniels, operations manager for La Crosse Festivals Inc.
Oktoberfest USA brochure
Oktoberfest USA apparel
Oktoberfest USA website
“The updated website and brand recommendations provided by Vendi will help connect Octoberfest USA with audiences for years to come.”
– Courtney Daniels, operations manager for La Crosse Festivals Inc.