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Case study


The Native American Center for Health Professions (NACHP) at UW–Madison needed a website that reflected excellence and aligned with the university’s new look and feel.
Vendi designed and developed a new custom WordPress site that told the NACHP story while reflecting the University of Wisconsin–Madison brand.

Services provided

  • Web

Vendi elevates NACHP with a captivating, user-friendly new website

The Native American Center for Health Professions (NACHP), part of UW–Madison School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH), supports and mentors Indigenous health professional students and works to improve the health and well-being of Native people and communities. A limited presence within SMPH’s existing website did little to illustrate NACHP’s commitment to excellence and the people it serves. NACHP needed its own website—a website as unique and distinguished as its clients.

Vendi is the logical choice for creating the NACHP website

SMPH selected Vendi for the NACHP website project because of the school’s successful partnership with the digital marketing agency. Vendi is renowned for its history of higher education marketing, and is also one of only three firms in the U.S. to hold a contract award with UW–Madison for all eight areas of marketing. Vendi has worked with numerous facets of UW–Madison and consistently proven its web design and development abilities.

NACHP now tells its unique story via its own website

Before website design agency Vendi created the new WordPress website for NACHP, the center’s online presence included just a small collection of pages within the larger SMPH site. Vendi first created a website theme for NACHP that aligned with larger university branding; this theme clearly indicated NACHP’s relationship with SMPH while distinguishing this important group of students. Vendi’s web team also created custom components that let NACHP tell its stories in the most engaging ways without deviation from UW–Madison’s larger theme.

Vendi’s rewarding partnership with UW–Madison continues

Launched in summer 2023, the new, standalone NACHP website helps Indigenous health professional students connect with each other, their areas of study and the patients they’ll serve. Vendi’s intuitive, easy-to-use site design allows NACHP staff to quickly add and update content to best serve every student.