Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Vendi, we prioritize a culture of kindness, creativity and collaboration every day.

Integral to that effort is the idea that people do their best work when they feel seen and supported as their authentic selves. We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion across all areas of our organization and we have developed a plan to ensure our goals translate to action.



Here diversity refers to all the ways we see and experience the world, with respect for differences in race, gender identity and expression, age, ethnicity, disabilities (seen and unseen), family or marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, education, religion, and all the ways we identify.

We support and celebrate diversity at Vendi by actively recruiting diverse candidates for vacancies, defining how we promote diversity in our creative process, and providing training on recognizing unconscious bias, microaggressions and managing diverse teams. We also continue to support diverse organizations through our Vendi Share pro bono program.


The process of ensuring that workplace systems and programs are impartial, fair and provide equal possible outcomes for every individual (i.e., leveling the playing field). This means providing varying resources and opportunities to everyone.

We promote equity at Vendi by implementing a workforce education program, empowering employees to use benefits and resources, assessing our maternity and paternity leave to ensure it’s in line with our values, making job descriptions accessible and inclusive, creating more transparency around wages, leveling expectations for those with chronic or mental health illnesses and fostering a culture that allows for time off when needed.


Inclusion is best summed up as providing every employee with a sense of belonging. This means they feel comfortable and supported by the organization to be their most authentic selves.

We foster an environment of inclusion by accommodating all holidays of employee’s personal importance, creating a regular cadence of employee merit and recognizing team member accomplishments, encouraging the sharing of pronouns, supporting open communication with colleagues and leadership, continuing structured one-on-one meetings between managers and direct reports, creating more opportunities for community service events, supporting opportunity for anonymous feedback to management and honoring the sobriety of employees by de-centering alcohol and providing nonalcoholic beverage options at work events.

Improving and evolving 

Vendi also monitors benchmarks, establishing bi-annual and annual goals. These benchmarks are shared internally to maintain transparency. From these benchmarks as well as internal survey data, Vendi creates short- and long-term visions. Each year, we strive to improve and evolve our policies and ourselves by continuing to learn and center diversity, equity and inclusion.