Collage of video stills from the State of Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services reemployment videos
Case study

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

How do unemployed Ohioans get back to work sooner?

With a series of user-friendly, user-focused videos, Vendi is helping Ohio’s Office of Workforce Development (OWD) spread the word about its reemployment services and resources, explain complex benefits and inspire more Ohioans to participate. 

Vendi videos help reduce unemployment uncertainty

Ohio’s Office of Workforce Development (OWD) offers employers and job seekers access to numerous employment resources and services. Neither employers nor job seekers, however, were using OWD solutions to their fullest potential.

OWD selects Vendi to clarify complex solutions

OWD approached Vendi, an agency accomplished in marketing government services. Because Vendi had recently produced videos explaining State of Wisconsin employment solutions, OWD recognized Vendi as the right government marketing agency to help.

Video = the right medium for OWD messages

Vendi created three series of short videos for the OWD website:

  • Rapid Response videos illuminate the support OWD’s Rapid Response Team offers employers and workers facing layoffs
  • Rapid Response + Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) videos explain Rapid Response plus benefits available through TAA, a federal program that helps workers facing layoff due to foreign trade
  • Helping Ohioans Pursue Employment (HOPE) Initiative videos describe how HOPE can help individuals keep Unemployment Insurance services and find new work quickly

Clear explanations and relatable content in all videos helps reassure viewers that unemployment is, indeed, temporary.

Today’s partnership, tomorrow’s possibilities 

Thanks to Vendi’s ideas, approach and flexibility, the OWD team has referred Vendi to other ODJFS departments for future projects.

Job Center Resources
Unemployment Insurance
Preparing for Your Next Job
“It’s refreshing how Vendi brings new ideas to the table.”
– Ronnie L. Marquez-Posey, Bureau Chief of Trade and Veteran Services, Ohio Office of Workforce Development