Statue outside College of Engineer building
Case study

UW–Madison College of Engineering

The future-focused College of Engineering at UW–Madison needed help promoting its programs and opportunities to today’s innovators.
Vendi helped this top-rated research institution get the word out.

Services provided

  • Creative
  • Digital
  • Marketing
  • Strategy

Vendi helps UW–Madison College of Engineering forge a better future for all

Students and faculty at the College of Engineering (COE) at UW–Madison see opportunity where others see obstacles. They think boldly, act confidently and bring new ideas to life through hard work and unique expertise.

When it came to selecting a partner to promote the college and its programs, COE leadership chose Vendi, a higher ed marketing agency that shares COE’s drive, mindset, approach and reputation for creating change.

Collaboration with an already-proven partner

Renowned for its higher education marketing, Vendi is one of only three firms in the U.S. to hold a contract award with UW–Madison for all eight areas of marketing. Vendi has worked with numerous facets of UW–Madison and consistently proven its capabilities.

Vendi’s brand awareness campaign highlights and supports COE excellence

Vendi strategized, developed and executed a creative campaign targeted to Midwestern engineering professors, faculty, deans and researchers. The campaign would include digital ads to: 

  • Increase awareness and perception of COE
  • Promote COE’s thought leadership, research and faculty expertise
  • Connect with target audiences who want new or different career opportunities
  • Create a distinct, recognizable look, feel and voice for COE
  • Outperform previous campaigns

Vendi clarifies, celebrates COE’s trailblazing history and future focus

With COE’s commitment to creating a better future top of mind, Vendi created a higher ed marketing campaign with ad groups to support overall growth and showcase opportunities for specific innovation.

  • Growth ads highlight new COE faculty addressing pressing challenges
  • Machine learning ads discuss the possibilities for future improvement through data science
  • Semiconductor ads show how COE research and development is pioneering new solutions

Clean energy ads spotlight COE’s commitment to revolutionizing clean energy

Campaign results exceed benchmarks and expectations

Key performance indicators for Vendi’s COE higher education digital marketing met or exceeded established benchmarks across all platforms. Plus, COE website content supported by the campaign showed noticeably higher engagement than other organic content. Vendi’s partnership ultimately brought new clarity to COE’s importance and capabilities.