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Case study

UW–Madison Division of Extension — 4-H

People thought 4-H was only for farm kids.
Vendi partnered with the Wisconsin 4-H Program to share how the organization has changed and inspire a new generation of children to enroll in the program.

Growing the next generation of leaders

Since 1902, 4-H has empowered young people to lead for a lifetime. While 4-H is rooted in agriculture, it has grown into much more.

Vendi helped Wisconsin 4-H build awareness, inspire interest

An advertising agency with extensive experience in nonprofit marketing, Vendi launched a recruitment campaign to show how 4-H has changed and inspire a new generation of youth to enroll.

Vendi targeted the campaign to parents and influencers of children ages 5–18 throughout Wisconsin, localized “4-H Grows Here” national campaign assets for a Wisconsin audience and added direct calls to action for more information and re-enrollment. A user-focused campaign landing page offered additional details and a contact form.

Vendi’s media strategy ensured maximum reach

Experts in marketing for nonprofits, Vendi’s media team chose this mix of media based on user habits and demographics:

  • Cable TV
  • Connected TV
  • Online video
  • Programmatic display
  • Streaming audio
  • Meta ads

Vendi also created a customizable toolkit for county 4-H program coordinators to use locally. This toolkit included a library of custom photography and video clips, Facebook post templates, print ads, postcard mailers and a flier.

Vendi’s nonprofit advertising brought big results

Following the campaign launch, new 4-H member enrollments throughout Wisconsin increased 13.4%. Vendi’s impeccable creative, strategy and execution continue to help UW–Madison and all its subsidiaries obtain essential leads and grow within respective market segments.

Vendi’s partnership with Wisconsin 4-H continues

A few short months after the initial “4-H Grows Here” campaign, Vendi provided Wisconsin counties even more assistance in promoting 4-H opportunities and benefits. Vendi:

  • Performed a two-day photo and video shoot to update Wisconsin 4-H assets for future campaign use
  • Developed an enrollment toolkit for 4-H leaders to use in their counties
  • Designed templates to enable fast, easy social media posts
  • Trained 4-H county leaders on the new social media templates and best practices

With Vendi’s expert assistance, 4-H leaders in counties throughout Wisconsin now have extensive knowledge and easy-to-use resources to perform organic outreach that closely aligns with 4-H national branding and returns strong engagement and enrollment results.