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Vendi is an award-winning, full-service independent ad agency inspired by life on the mighty Mississippi.

Vendi is the 2023 winner of the Governor’s Best Workplace Award

2020 recipient of the Governor's Business Excellence Award

Our story

Vendi got its start when national ad agency veterans decided they were ready for a change. They wanted to develop client partnerships that foster great work and results. They wanted to create a culture of kindness and creativity. And they wanted to do it from La Crosse—a gem of a town on the Mississippi River with incredible outdoor recreation and natural beauty. The only way to do it was to start their own agency. That turned out to be a pretty good idea. We’ve grown into the largest agency in western Wisconsin and built a reputation for great work, measurable results, longstanding client relationships and a culture of kindness and creativity.

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Vendi named ‘Best Workplace’ in Wisconsin

Vendi Advertising was named the Best Workplace in Wisconsin at the 2023 MARKETPLACE Governor’s Awards. The Governor’s Awards recognize Wisconsin businesses owned by minorities, women and service-disabled veterans, and their advocates.

The four pillars of a strong agency-client relationship

Let’s face it, embarking on an agency search is a daunting task. Following a preliminary vetting process, you’ll probably invite a handful of agencies to pitch how they think and what it might be like to work with them. The deciding factor usually comes down to one or more of the three Cs (chemistry, creativity and/or cost). But what is it going to take to make the partnership great?

Why healthcare organizations are shifting from referral-based to consumer-direct marketing

Healthcare organizations have been using referral-based marketing programs for decades to bring in new patients and to strengthen the loyalty of existing ones. This approach has proven successful because of its reliance on trusted word-of-mouth recommendations, low-cost, high-quality leads and the ability to keep patients within an organization's health system. Studies show most consumers consider a referral an important part of their decision-making process.