Black and white partial image of Toro employee working in a Toro production facility
Case study


Toro’s commitment to safety starts with its employees.
So leadership partnered with Vendi to create a series of safety videos to prevent accidents and safeguard employees.

Services provided

  • Photography & videography

Vendi and Toro create video series for safer workspaces

Toro manufactures innovative equipment to keep the great outdoors beautiful. Their commitment to innovation around workplace safety led them to Vendi for an effective and accessible solution.

How to decrease often preventable accidents?

Toro employees are charged with reviewing safety protocols. To effectively reach the most employees, Toro leadership embraced video.

Partner with video production experts

Toro asked Vendi to create a series of safety training videos based on actual on-site accidents. Each video would demonstrate (rather than simply describe) common problems, actions to avoid and actions to take to create a safer workplace.

Working with Toro staff and relying on real accident details, the Vendi team shot video footage at Toro, created infographics and transitional graphics and selected music and voice-over talent. Some employees were even outfitted with GoPro cameras for an engaging and effective footage.

 This strategic collaboration resulted in safety videos for:

  • General safety
  • The importance of housekeeping
  • The importance of personal protection equipment (PPE)
  • Prevention
  • Forklift safety

Videos to support safety every day, in every space

Vendi is proud to serve as an extension of the Toro team. We’ve created videos that deeply engage employees while underscoring Toro’s safety-centric culture. By communicating company challenges and goals via a proven (and favorite) medium, Vendi helped Toro enhance safety for every employee.

Toro safety video
Toro safety video
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