Kevin Cram
“My Zoom ‘touch up my appearance’ setting seems to be broken.”
– Kevin
Elly Reister
“Flatten the curve!”
– Elly
Callie Krzyzanowski
“It’s finally introverts’ time to shine.”
– Callie
Kathy Van Kirk
“Por el amor de dios!”
– Kathy
Christie Gees
“Could I BE any more caffeinated?”
– Christie
Erik Olson
“Hey all you cool cats and kittens.”
– Erik
Jane Palen
“Am I wearing pants? Have I showered? These are uncertain times.”
– Jane
Chris Haas
“Characters or bytes? Can we use emoji? 🍕 UTF-8 or EBCDIC?”
– Chris
Kelley Luedke
“Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.”
– Kelley
Karen Bernhardt
“You can’t beat this commute!”
– Karen
Chuck Lacasse
“Argue for your limitations and they’re yours.”
– Chuck
Malea Hinton
“Is it ok if my dog joins us for the meeting?”
– Malea

Not even remotely slowing down

We're here for you
C.J. Schrunk
“Pants are now non-essential.”
– C.J.
Kate Weis
“Your mic is muted.”
– Kate
Jennifer Lossen
“Mentally working from a beach somewhere.”
– Jen
John Horsfall
“This better not delay football season.”
– John
Molly Walleser
“There’s nothing that a lucky dinosaur bone can’t get you through.”
– Molly
Nichole Pierce
“Be brave.”
– Nichole
Sam Przywojski
“Anything is a sandwich if you fold it right.”
– Sam
Sarah Ellingson
“Mastering multitasking from the guest room.”
– Sarah
Sarah Wolff
“Writing, singing and writing some more. With dance breaks.”
– Sarah
Winnie Jaworski
“We’ll all float on okay.”
– Winnie
Julie Haas
“Cozy slippers, tea and positivity!”
– Julie
Vendi Advertising
“Stay home!”
– Jangle

Why independent ad agencies make the best partners

Because Vendi is independent, we have the freedom to make our own decisions. Decisions like choosing to work with great clients who inspire us. And then doing whatever it takes to help them reach their audacious goals. Decisions like stretching to hire and keep the best talent. We're also free to focus on our culture of kindness and creativity—because even remote relationships need love.

1 year.
8 national awards.

Vendi helped Wisconsin Public Radio, Wisconsin Public TV and UW-Extension bring context to Wisconsin issues with a new brand and website for the state.

We listen.

We are an advertising agency of exceptional listeners who provide creative, innovative marketing well-founded in research and data. Our work is made even better because we respect the knowledge and insight of our clients, leveraging their subject matter expertise.

Here’s another thing we hear: Vendi goes above and beyond to deliver. We are an advertising agency with uncommon talent, technology, experience and management to execute advertising, marketing, digital, web and video efficiently and successfully.

In a nutshell, we deliver results and value across all advertising channels, above and beyond what our clients expect.