Features and benefits
Features. Benefits. What’s the difference? Does it matter? When it comes to your advertising efforts, knowing the difference between features and benefits absolutely matters.
Anything For The Shot
Sleep deprivation, extortion, automatic rifles and traveling with a marsupial. A new Tom Robbins novel? No, just another day in the life of a videographer.
Brand standards manuals
We love talking about brand. So when it comes to developing and managing brands, it’s safe to say we have high standards.
2018 Silver Awards
Vendi Advertising has been recognized with two silver Davey awards for brand campaigns the firm developed for Oktoberfest and UW-Platteville.
W3 and Graphic Design USA award
NBCA leads the way in raising awareness of the danger of blood clots and Vendi had an important role in helping them spread the word. And we even won an award for our work!
ham radio
Like many organizations, we use a variety of communication tactics. See how we streamline tools to efficiently and effectively communicate.
custom website theme
Thinking about purchasing a pre-made theme or website template, check out the top 5 reasons why we build custom themes.
Let's review the basics.
There are a lot of shiny new objects in advertising. But the things that really count are still the same. These principles are worth remembering whether you’re crafting a tweet or designing a print ad.
Duck talking
Use duck talking to change your perspective and help you solve a problem (rubber duckie optional).
Vendi advertising agency La Crosse Wisconsin
Ad agencies have a reputation for their big-idea, big-executive, big-execution image. While depictions such as the glamorous world of “Mad Men” offer a glimpse of the stereotypes of the industry, experiencing the work environment first-hand lends an alternative perspective.
You're the greatest!
How do you tell your prospects how great you are without sounding phony and/or overconfident? With testimonials from your existing customers.
Project management
Advantages of using an online project management tool and how to find the right fit.
Pantone swatches
Design trends are always changing. To best represent your clients’ businesses in their marketing efforts, you must know how to stay current and when to implement the latest trends.
Tethered shooting
If you’re not used to a collaborative culture, your first couple of tethered shoots may feel like someone looking over your shoulder while you work. In a sense, they are. Get over it. They are helping you be better at what you do. Embrace it.
Western digital marketing
Western Technical College's latest digital advertising campaign and video landing pages win a gold Education Digital Marketing Award.

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