Digital marketing channels
Digital is no longer the shiny new tactic in marketing—it is a necessity in successfully reaching and connecting with your audience. When our clients ask us which digital marketing channel they should use, we start with one important question—what are your goals?
If you're considering telecommuting, be sure to arm yourself with the right tools (and plan) to help you succeed. Working from home can be a very parallel experience to working at your company’s physical location, and it can be a positive experience for both the employer and employee.
Infographics are powerful. They can help you explain a process, show relationships, track events and illustrate comparisons. Even complex data can be easily understood when presented visually. Keep these guidelines in mind when developing an infographic.
E-commerce WordPress
While a picture may be worth a thousand words, actual words on your website help your consumers make the most informed buying decisions. Learn how to create outstanding e-commerce content with tips from a copywriter.
Millennials studying at a café
Why earned media is the most-trusted form of marketing for millennials.
Vendi photographer with camera
Three games our in-house photographer/videographer plays to get the lighting just right.
Dragon Boat racing
Your content is about your customers. Your relationship with them is what animates your content, so elevate it from generic to personal.
Vendi advertising project kickoff
A successful kickoff meeting can set the tone for the entire project. With these four tips, you can be sure you start off on the right foot.
Vendi share
Advertising and marketing are underfunded in most non-profits’ budgets, which is why we created Vendi Share. With this program, we lend our expertise to a variety of organizations across the area pro bono.
Creative block
Creative blocks are inevitable, but understanding the psychological and environmental influences on creativity can help you move past the impatience and frustration and tap into your creative flow.
What is web accessibility, who does it affect and how do you make sure your website is accessible?
Refresh Supply Chain Services logo
How a logo refresh can go a long way without losing your existing brand equity.
Western Technical College Facebook digital ads
From the enhanced creative capabilities of canvas ads to robust interest and behavior targeting, why just boosting your Facebook post isn't enough.
Character Lives
Vendi Advertising has been recognized for its work on the newly minted Character Lives program with a 2017 Gold Davey Award.
Hamburger menus
Websites have moved towards responsive design, which has brought the widespread adoption of the mobile menu and the need to optimize for usability.

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