Our Bright Spots of the Year

In a year that’s challenged us to find new ways to be together, to learn and to work, we’re remembering the bright spots. From funny-shaped pancakes to fox kits and new babies, our world is still sunny.


I’m thankful for my healthy family and the quality time that we’ve been able to spend together.


Quarantine gave me the previously impossible opportunity to spend every day with my daughter born in January.


After too many years of neglect, 2020 inspired me to reconnect with my first true love, nature.


I’m thankful for the fact that I can work from home (I love it!) and for technology that allows me to safely connect with loved ones.


I’m thankful for welcoming our beautiful baby girl into this crazy world. She is our bright spot every day.


I’m thankful for having always been an introverted homebody, making this year (at times) even more enjoyable. 


This isolation period has actually brought me closer to friends and family due to all the extra check-ins and video calls with people I love. I’m also enjoying a newfound appreciation for alone time, slowing down and being present at home.


As an always-work-from-home employee, I’m thankful for the wide adoption of Zoom, which has allowed me to connect and see my work family more than ever before.


I’m thankful for all of the time I got to spend outdoors, hiking and biking with my wife and granddaughter, Mazzy.


This year I’ve been especially thankful for my son Henry, who continues to find joy in the little things (backyard campouts, forts in the living room, making pancakes in funny shapes) and reminds me that I should too.


I’m thankful for my puppy, Junie, and the long hikes we get to go on together. I’m also grateful for my family, friendships and health. Oh, and Hawaiian rolls!


I am thankful for my sweet, innocent, amazing 2-year-old daughter. Her innocence reminds me every day to just let go, have fun and it’s ok if you have a face full of Mickey Mouse stickers.


I am thankful for a home office with my own private bathroom.


2020 has challenged me to take a step back and appreciate the little things. I am thankful for the extra time at home with my family and developing a stronger bond with my younger siblings over this past year!


I’m grateful to 2020 for bringing me the new love of two grandchildren and for showing me the strength and compassion of my family, friends and colleagues.


I am grateful for sweatpants, Netflix, Amazon and Zoom.


I’m grateful for still being able to visit the sea. It sets my soul free.


I’m thankful for all the backyard visitors we’ve been able to observe this year: a mother fox with 6 kits, a pheasant, a cooper’s hawk, an indigo bunting, blue jays, cardinals and many, many silly squirrels­–all while living in town!


I'm thankful for my friends and family, my beautiful niece's first year of life, the experiences abroad I enjoyed this spring, the election results and the health and safety of those I love. I'm also thankful for the acceptance and kindness of my Vendi coworkers, for all they have taught me and for how they make me feel valued.


The brightest part of my 2020 was the birth of my beautiful son in June. It felt like it took a long time for him to get here, and I’m thankful for every squawk, spit-up and smile.


I am thankful for corkscrews, Netflix and popcorn.


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