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Vendi’s advertising strategies and media plans are grounded in research, built on a solid strategic foundation and continuously optimized.

In-house adrenaline junkies in digital, marketing, media, web and creative working together: that's how we push the highest performing campaigns in front of your audiences. 

Our digital & traditional media specialists bring ideas, expertise & results

More often than not, new clients tell us their Vendi digital marketing and media campaigns are far more strategic, innovative, tightly managed and results-oriented than what they had before working with our team.

Our digital media specialists work together to bring their knowledge, skills and resources to your brand. We implement the most creative, successful and cost-effective ways to reach and motivate your audiences to act. We stay on top of the opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and trends in today’s dynamic media channels.

Vendi campaigns bring added value with monthly insights reports that:

  • Interpret measurable campaign results
  • Compare performance against prior months and industry benchmarks
  • Provide recommendations for optimizations to creative, bid strategies, targeting, channel and/or budget allocations

Media strategy and planning

Vendi provides a measurable marketing and communications strategy that allows you to gain share of voice in the market, minimize spill and tell your story—realizing that multiple touch points are required to build optimal awareness and influence your audience. We consider a broad mix of media channels based on their effectiveness in reaching the target audiences. Vendi’s plan will include:

  • Paid search and media plan audit
  • Advertising strategy, targeting and channel rationale
  • Calendar and flighting recommendations that align with peak engagement periods
  • Estimated reach, frequency and impressions
  • Budget allocation recommendations
  • List acquisition (name buying)
  • Tracking/measuring methods

Choosing media channels

We recommend media channels and choices that support access. We can provide and manage to whitelist media choices that provide positive, accessible experiences and reflect the integrity of the brand.

  • Programmatic display campaigns
  • Paid search
  • Targeted social campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, LinkedIn and more
  • Mobile geofencing campaigns
  • Pre-roll/mid-roll/post-roll
  • Streaming media (audio and video) and connected TV
  • Website and audience retargeting across multiple platforms (social, display, native, etc.)
  • Traditional media including broadcast, cable, outdoor advertising, print, radio, gas pump, sponsorships and events

Vendi understands that media plans are fluid and require constant monitoring, testing and optimization. We manage ongoing campaign optimizations, monitor social comments, report results via a real-time dashboard and regularly share insights and recommendations with the client team. Our team is well versed in a variety of bidding strategies including CPC, CPM, CPA, CPV and CPE. We customize strategies to meet client goals and deliver cost-effective results.

Our digital & traditional media specialists bring ideas, expertise & results

Media, web and creative collaboration—that’s when the magic happens

Vendi’s full-service approach has an exponentially positive impact on campaign results. Marketing, media, web and creative teams work together to optimize campaigns and deliver the best possible results for our clients. This collaboration leads to:

  • Comprehensive tracking of campaign performance throughout the entire engagement funnel
  • Optimized landing page conversion experiences
  • Expert digital media team review of all search and digital creative
  • Dashboard access for creative team members to monitor the most effective executions, headlines, images and formats
  • Innovative uses of digital and traditional media platforms
  • Development and documentation of ongoing best practices
Vendi is a proud Google partner, helping our clients grow and stand out in the digital space.
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“Thank you to the Vendi team… for what we've been able to deliver very quickly… ”
– Johnny Smith, VP Marketing, Encompass Health
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“I’m impressed because it feels like we have focus. The plan has purpose and that is something we haven’t always had in the past. ”
– Tim Kotnour, President and CEO, State Bank Financial
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Are you advertising on the right digital channels?

Digital is no longer the shiny new tactic in marketing—it is a necessity in successfully reaching and connecting with your audience. When our clients ask us which digital marketing channel they should use, we start with one important question—what are your goals?