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Is your website enhancing your organization's brand, delighting customers and driving conversions—or is it underperforming?

Vendi's supremely talented developers enhance the function, form, experience—and results—of every digital property they touch.

Partner with experts in web development, design and content

Sure it's meant a few nights sleeping on the conference room couch and possibly a couple hundred pizzas, but our web team's successes are worth it, including:

  • Building the very first merch site for Budweiser in 2000
  • Integrating healthcare.gov for all of western Wisconsin in 2008
  • Contributing (credited) to the development of the world's most popular CMS, WordPress
  • Transforming dozens of a Big Ten school's websites into a cohesive recruiting powerhouse
  • Creating an app that transformed a small company into a multi-million dollar consumer brand
  • Absolutely killing it on Stack Overflow
“We quite literally couldn’t have completed our website project without Vendi, they are the SEAL Team Six of web development.”
– David Hyland, Director of Digital Media, Wisconsin Public Radio
Break free from the limitations of an underperforming website

Leverage the best of the web to achieve your brand and marketing goals. Vendi in-house web capabilities are unmatched in our region. This means your site benefits from best-practice, high-performance approaches to user experience, lead generation, content management, SEO, accessibility and security.

Vendi web development, design and content capabilities allow you to:

  • Support and convert traffic from search and digital campaigns
  • Track like you know you should
  • Capture more leads
  • Integrate with customer databases
  • Sell product online securely
  • Establish knowledge leadership
  • Educate, train and certify customers and members
  • Recruit applicants and integrate with HR databases 
  • Promote, register participants and host events
  • Leverage our app development skills for specialized functionality
  • Push alerts and information
  • Simplify updates so your website can keep up with your business

Elevate the brand experience

Your website is undoubtedly an important part of your brand experience for your prospects and customers. Design and dev work together to bring creative design and UI experiences that articulate your brand. 

Meet web accessibility requirements

Vendi designs and develops all websites with the most recent WCAG recommendations for accessibility in mind. We target AA compliance—AAA when possible. Additionally, Vendi is able to lead and/or assist with the process for implementing a VPAT, upon client request.

Lighten the load for faster performance and better SEO

We streamline and improve technical performance which is rewarded with better position on search results.

Choose the best CMS for your site

Vendi is highly experienced in CMS development and utilization. Our director of development is a credited contributor to WordPress versions 4 through the current release. Our director of digital experience is an avid Drupal developer. Our content team works with both and provides continual feedback to our dev team regarding administration usability. We can help you agnostically assess and decide which technology platform is best for your needs. That decision-making process is outlined in these Vendi blog posts from our web leads, Do You Need a Content Management System by Chris Haas and Why Choosing a CMS Matters by C.J. Schrunk.

Transform your website into a marketing hub

Reward visitors with a better overall experience, strategic content and clear calls to action. Vendi sites also feature landing page templates and streamlined integration with your CMS system.

UW–Madison School of Pharmacy website
Kaplan international website
National Blood Clot Alliance website
Inland website
Western Technical College website
WisContext news website
Mississippi Valley Conservancy website
La Crosse Community Theatre website

Start strong with a Vendi performance audit

Our technical and content audit identifies issues and prescribes the fixes

Vendi offers a thorough web performance audit as the first step of a web project or as a standalone service. Our team of programmers, UI/UX designers and content editors assess how your website is performing for two audiences:

  1. Search engines
  2. Humans—also known as your prospects and customers  

We examine the site's technology and content against best SEO practices. And we look for opportunities to streamline and improve technical performance.

  • We review Google Analytics to assess a variety of measures surrounding traffic plus goals, events, engagement and ecommerce
  • We examine Google Tag Manager, Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Discover to assess site errors, data, keywords, ranking status, sitemap, structure and speed
  • We measure the site’s speed and performance in several ways, including time-to-first-byte, blocking time and contentful paints. Factors that affect a site’s speed can include unoptimized images, third-party resources such as fonts and JavaScript and the use of caching and content delivery networks (CDNs).
  • Our content team audits keywords of your site and competitors, then optimizes your site to improve rankings
  • We assess the number and thoroughness of meta descriptions, the number and accuracy of title tags, the consistent use of alt text, an appropriate number of internal links and the length and wording of page URLs

Our audit also researches your top competitors' sites and search activity, providing insights into how we can optimize your website to best compete.

Vendi will perform an initial website accessibility audit to determine compliance with the most recent WCAG guidelines. From this audit, Vendi will make recommendations to ensure that the site conforms to federal laws and requirements such as US Section 508 and EU EN 301 549.

We deliver a thorough report with findings and recommendations

Often, we can make immediate improvements in SEO and performance so your current site is improved while your new site is created. 

Testing, training and launch!

When a Vendi site launches, it performs optimally for visitors, search engines, campaigns and your admins, through:

  • Usability testing during the development process to assess storytelling, intuitiveness, ease-of-use, accessibility, functionality and overall website experience
  • Vendi-installed Google Analytics to monitor site performance and engagement and Google Tag Manager to give administrators better control of event tracking and setting page-specific events and goals
  • Extensive mobile and browser testing including functionality testing, usability testing, interface testing, compatibility testing, performance testing and security testing using site analytics to determine major device and browsing platforms
  • WordPress, Drupal or other CMS training including a training manual and support documentation, so staff can update content and create and populate website pages post-launch, regardless of technical ability
  • Recommendations for hosting solutions that include secure access through firewall, VPN and/or SFTP/SSH, as well as hosting add-ons, particularly caching solutions such as Redis or memcached
  • Ongoing support, content updates and site maintenance
“Vendi far exceeded our expectations on the redesign and development of our student recruitment website. What your team did in a short amount of time is nothing short of extraordinary.”
– Paul Erickson, Director and Public Information Officer, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Strong brand and marketing websites
“I got on the site and it’s very easy to navigate and get around. I appreciate how we are sharing information on the site, plus the ways it engages people and offers information that gets them to complete a form. If I find it to be easy, anyone else will.”
– Lori Bedard, Southeast Region Marketing VP, Encompass Health
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