Our clients trust us to deliver the powerful brand identity they always knew was possible—strategic, authentic and unique to who they are and why they are important to their customers.

We help clients connect with their stakeholders on every level with a strong, integrated brand strategy. From logo design to competitive positioning to segmented messaging, Vendi finds and communicates the essence of the brand.

“They called us ‘disruptors’ and ‘innovators.’ They nailed us in the first five minutes.”
– Implant Logistics and AMS Manufacturing
Our brand strategy process

The Vendi brand strategy process has successfully created, launched and refreshed regional and national brands in higher education, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit and consumer goods.

We listen, learn and develop an in-depth understanding of your brand. Our team includes strategists, researchers, creatives, brand managers and logo designers with successful track records launching and managing some of the top brands in the nation. 

Our approach to brand strategy is creative, inclusive & scalable

We offer:

  • Brand audit
  • Customer and stakeholder research—qualitative and quantitative
  • Competitive positioning
  • Creative testing
  • Research-based audience persona development
  • A brand strategy workshop with your team to:
    • Identify current and desired brand perceptions
    • Chart those differentiators that are both important to the target audience and unique to the brand 
    • Position the brand on the competitive landscape
    • Identify equity and affinity related to the overarching brand and segments, divisions, locations
    • Explore equity and affinity among audience segments
    • Whiteboard brand architecture models and brand family relationships
    • Create brand aspirations
  • Brand identity including logo design and brand systems
  • Key and segmented messaging
  • Internal launch including training, templates, videos and events
  • Activate the brand through campaigns

We create elements key to elevating your brand

  • Verbal brand elements include: name, tagline, segmented messaging, boilerplate copy, voice, music anthem, vernacular, domain and social name(s)
  • Visual brand elements include: logo design, color palette, typography, graphic treatments, visual devices, photo treatments, digital presence, templates, merchandise, signage, exhibit and events presence
  • Experiential brand elements include: in-person experience, space design, packaging, customer service practices and any other way people experience the brand

We launch your brand for optimal engagement

Internal launch: Vendi helps clients with training, templates, events and videos to introduce rebrands and encourage advocacy. To ensure understanding and compliance, we've developed a proprietary brand standards manual, "Speaking as One," which received the top honor in a national brand standards guide competition.

External launch: We leverage the creative, marketing, web and digital Vendi teams to powerfully deliver the brand message to target audiences, building awareness and driving action.

National award-winning brand standards guide
“You’ve again captured who we are. How do you get that so right?”
– Winona State University
Your brand is in good hands

We have worked with some of the strongest brands and brand management in the nation, trusted with upholding standards and communicating value propositions. These iconic brands include Anheuser-Busch, Mayo Clinic Health System, Smuckers, Sargento Cheese, Wisconsin Public Radio, Trane, Elmers, 3M, Post-It, State Farm, 4-H, Toro, Gensler, Kaplan, University of Wisconsin, Organic Valley, Land o' Lakes and more.

We help brands connect with their stakeholders on every level with a strong, integrated brand identity. Businesses and organizations trust Vendi to uncover their brand truth, craft their story and share it consistently. 

Let Vendi help transform discovery into driving brand content that inspires action and nurtures customer relationships.

Logo for new multimillion dollar convention center
Logo applications from logo concept presentation
Brand standards manual outlining verbal, visual and experiential elements
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