Vendi is able and ready to help you reach your audiences with initiatives and programs that increase brand loyalty, capture and convert qualified leads—and grow!

Our scalable marketing programs include strategies and solutions individualized to each client’s exact needs. Our team's experiences across a variety of industries allow us to provide fresh perspectives and ideas to give you the greatest ROI.

We start by listening

Vendi marketing programs begin with a discovery phase to gather key insights and information to create a solid marketing foundation. Discovery is scalable and often includes research. But for all client marketing, we work to:

  • Thoroughly understand your organization and your goals
  • Audit your current marketing
  • Audit your competitors’ marketing
  • Understand audience motivators, perceptions, needs, barriers and preferences
  • Develop personas to best define and understand target audiences

Strategic communications planning: we start with the results in mind

Our communications plans include goal-specific marketing and advertising strategies and tactics. Part of our process includes our Lifetrack exercise, which closely examines a client’s goals, differentiators and audience attributes (interests, needs, locations, media habits, etc.). Lifetrack results allow us to strategize the best media and motivation(s) for each audience segment.

Media plans grounded in numbers, with a feel for local markets

Our expert media team assesses the media habits and preferences of each target audience, then identifies the optimal (and most cost-effective) media channels based on their effectiveness of reaching those audiences at various stages of the decision-making process. Our media plans deliver, report on and optimize for impressions, reach, frequency and conversion.

From traditional advertising media (TV, radio, print and outdoor) to digital marketing and social media platforms, our media buyers are experienced in local, regional and national advertising placement and negotiation. We offer clients access to inventory across more than 55,000 curated sites and apps. And since Vendi is a certified Google Partner, our team has early access to new ad formats and beta releases.

Vendi clients rely on our media team and media plans for:

  • Strategic recommendations and rationale
  • Research into new media formats and channels
  • Scheduling recommendations and calendar
  • Estimated reach, frequency and impressions
  • Budget allocation recommendations
  • List acquisition (“name buying”)
  • Negotiation and bid management
  • Creative trafficking
  • Testing
  • Optimization
  • Tracking/measuring of strategy methods
  • Results analysis and reporting
  • Recommendations for future efforts
  • Billing and invoice reconciliation

Getting the leads you want

Our clients partner with us because we are experts in lead generation (aka demand generation and inbound marketing). We capture more leads—and valuable leads—for our clients by:

  • Developing an all-inclusive communications plan
  • Creating captivating advertising campaigns
  • Leveraging paid search and digital
  • Developing a content strategy including social strategy
  • Executing in the right channels
  • Nurturing leads through retargeting, email and direct marketing
  • Developing landing pages and microsites
  • Integrating with client CRM systems

Results, analysis and recommendations at your fingertips

We track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure marketing program effectiveness. In addition to real-time channel performance including impressions, reach, frequency and conversion, web and landing page KPIs often include:

  • Traffic to unique landing page or microsite URLs
  • New users
  • Session duration
  • Page views
  • Form completions
  • Unique tracking phone numbers

Our clients realize marketing program effectiveness through increased awareness, interest, engagement and loyalty.

Our tools and marketing technology

The Vendi media, content and development teams support client marketing programs with leading-edge programs and tools, including:

  • TapClicks dashboard reporting
  • SEMrush keyword research tool
  • Hotjar website heat map and behavior analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • axe website accessibility testing tool
  • Lighthouse website accessibility tool
  • In-house web performance analytics

Vendi marketing services help clients lead their industries

Since 2004, clients with and without in-house marketing departments have partnered with Vendi for comprehensive marketing services. We proudly serve as an extension of their marketing, creative, research and web teams. And we provide the expert strategies, tools, templates, tracking and more to help every client enjoy improved ROI, market share growth and industry impact.

“I’m really excited that you guys keep such a close eye on the results. ”
– Monica Organ, Marketing Director, State Bank Financial
Marketing strategy in action
“I have been truly impressed working with Vendi. They are extremely professional, highly skilled, proactive, available and helped us reposition our brand to give us the national and global look and feel that we desired. Vendi truly has become an extension of our marketing department. They took the time to get to know my team and me, as well as our company, and fully understand where we are trying to go and how we want to get there. They have gone above and beyond to help us succeed.”
– Jackie Kuehlmann, Marketing Director, Inland
Marketing insight

Are you advertising on the right digital channels?

Digital is no longer the shiny new tactic in marketing—it is a necessity in successfully reaching and connecting with your audience. When our clients ask us which digital marketing channel they should use, we start with one important question—what are your goals?