A Vendi client shared a story with us. She had heard from the facilities manager that the grounds staff really liked the new advertising campaign. One of them said it made him proud. We're adding that to the results report. Because even though our campaigns are grounded in research, professionally crafted, strategically targeted and driven by data, they are created to connect with people. That makes us proud.

1 year.
8 national awards.

Vendi helped Wisconsin Public Radio, Wisconsin Public TV and UW-Extension bring context to Wisconsin issues with a new brand and website for the state.

We listen.

We are an advertising agency of exceptional listeners who provide creative, innovative marketing well-founded in research and data. Our work is made even better because we respect the knowledge and insight of our clients, leveraging their subject matter expertise.

Here’s another thing we hear: Vendi goes above and beyond to deliver. We are an advertising agency with uncommon talent, technology, experience and management to execute advertising, marketing, digital, web and video efficiently and successfully.

In a nutshell, we deliver results and value across all advertising channels, above and beyond what our clients expect.