Chris Haas

director of development

Chris brings our clients tremendous expertise in helping them reach their business and communications goals through customized technology solutions. His experience includes working with leading organizations and businesses such as Anheuser Busch, CenturyLink, Western Technical College, Marine Credit Union, WisContext, National Blood Clot Association, Mayo Clinic and Health Tradition. His work includes sales force automation, web service integration, database optimization, mobile optimization, data mining, email marketing, flash programming, online video delivery and web development. Chris is a credited core contributor to WordPress 4.4 (used on over 25% of all websites) and is a well-respected authority on pdf technology. He is ranked within the top 0.65% overall on StackOverflow, a technology Q&A network serving more than 50 million programmers each month. He is one of our region’s leading developers and has a well-earned reputation for building elegantly simple solutions to complex technological challenges.