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At Vendi, we have big-agency talent with big ideas. Art directors, copywriters, media buyers, researchers, strategists, account managers, web developers, photographers. We’ve got MBAs and BFAs, award winners and rabble-rousers, rising stars and industry eggheads. Fine artists, data nerds, gurus, thinkers, tinkerers and wordsmiths. If it has to do with brand, marketing, advertising and web, we’ve seen it, we’ve done it, we’ve excelled at it. And now it’s time to share our big ideas.

Welcome to Vendi Insight. Here, you’ll hear from our talented staff on topics ranging from how to craft the perfect headline, to what the latest digital news means for you and your business. You’ll get a little art and design mixed with some analysis and web development geekery. We’ll touch on different disciplines, different industries and different approaches. We’ll go in depth and keep it high level. If you’re looking for insight into the world of marketing and advertising, you’ll find it here.

So, grab your coffee, settle in and enjoy.

Our stream of consciousness

Marketing in a Cookie-less World

Third-party cookies have been used in digital marketing for years to track website visitors, improve user experiences and collect data that helps us (the marketers) target ads to the right audiences. We’ve outlined some of the ways to prepare for the inevitable: how to market in a cookie-less world.

Is tracking your web data worth the drag on your site speed?

At Vendi, we take great pride in delivering sites that score high, both for mobile and desktop. Join our dev team as they share how to increase your website’s performance.

Taking stock of stock photography

Your brand is how people feel about you. Vendi Director of Video and Photography Services Kevin Cram, shares how we tell an authentic story that aligns with your unique brand, and it will make a difference.