Is the work great?

But is it great?

We’re obsessed with doing great work

Because we wouldn’t dream of doing anything less. Throughout every initiative, every program, every client, the Vendi team embraces and surpasses benchmarks in four key areas: strategy, design, content and experience. 

Ambitious? Sure. 

Excessive? Hardly. 

Achievable? Absolutely.


And who doesn’t love a good checklist? We take ours seriously, share ideas at every step and continually collaborate to ensure that our work meets our criteria. 


S T R A T E G Y 

Is it on strategy? 

Does the message match the medium? 

Are the needs of the target audience met? (important, exciting, relevant, understandable, place in the funnel)

Does it serve its purpose within the campaign and yet, stand alone? 

Are familiar images, copy and experiences used consistently to reinforce brand experience and messaging? 


D E S I G N 

Is there a wow factor? 

Does it look inviting? 

Is there a focal point and visual hierarchy? 

Is there an intuitive flow? (“There should never be a moment of doubt.” cjh) 

Is there breathing room? 

Are photographs and footage diverse? 

Is the logo big enough? 

Are the specs met? 

Do production standards exceed expectations? 


C O N T E N T 

Is it actionable? 

Will every word be read? 

Is the main message see-able (not to be confused with readable)? 

Do headlines and subs carry the story on their own? 

Can narrative copy be better handled with numbered and bulleted lists? 

Do headlines break in natural places? 

Does it follow brand and/or (AP) style standards? (Intentional style exceptions are ok!) 

Is there a prominent, customized CTA? 

Does the information stay well out of the weeds? 

Is industry jargon contained? 

Is the copy conversational? 

Are character counts met? 


E X P E R I E N C E 

Is there an emotional connection? 

Is the experience easy? 

Are we asking the audience to read or view or click more than they want? 

Do things work? 

Is it fast? 

Are there no dead ends? 

Is it a trustworthy technical experience? 

Do we show things (visually) instead of tell things (copy)? 


B O T T O M L I N E 

Is it driving results (and irritating the competition)?


Great work brings good things

Since our founding in 2004, we’ve helped clients in industries ranging from healthcare to cheesemaking share their message, strengthen their market presence and achieve their goals. We’re happy to say our advertising and marketing work continues to receive client (and industry) accolades. 

Our dedication to—and reputation for—great work has allowed Vendi to grow into the largest agency in western Wisconsin.


It’s just how things should be

Why do anything half-way? Great work is our reason for being and succeeding at Vendi. Let us show you what our great work can do for you.

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