Let's review the basics.

Build your advertising campaign around the basics

There are a lot of shiny new objects in advertising. With the internet and social media channels, marketers are talking about SEO, keywords, PPC, bounce rate, interstitial ads, pop-ups and remarketing. You can advertise on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and more to reach prospects on any platform they use. Digital media offers the opportunity to zero in on your prospects, customize your message and measure results. Social media has the ability to connect on a personal level. It’s not one-to-one communication, but it feels like it. 

Start at the beginning

Buy hey, is it really that different? We have new tools, new ways to measure effectiveness and new ways of delivering the message. But the things that really count are the same today as they were years ago. These principles are worth remembering whether you’re crafting a tweet or designing a print ad.

  • Always tell the truth. Trust is a beautiful thing. You build it by telling the truth and delivering what you say you will.
  • Get in front of the right people. You can have award-winning creative and a dynamite offer, but if the right people don’t see it, it’s wasted.
  • Consider your image. Not your reputation (although that’s important) this refers to the photo or illustration you’re going to use in your ad. It’s what people are drawn to first.
  • Use a compelling headline. If the headline doesn’t grab the reader’s attention, nothing else matters because it won’t get read. Also, be sure to view it on different screens to see how it looks on various devices.
  • Focus on benefits. You might be advertising the best product in the world, but your audience needs to know what’s in it for them. Tell them.
  • Speak to an audience of one. Connect on a personal level. Tell a story.
  • Be consistent. No matter where you’re advertising, make it recognizable as yours and stay on message.
  • Include a call to action. You have their interest, now what?

At Vendi, we love it when our work is recognized with an award. But what’s even better is when our work WORKS for the client—raising awareness, building trust, solving problems and reaching goals. Advertising is the customer-facing component of marketing. It’s developed as part of a broader strategy based on the goals of the company, with careful research informing the development of the message.
There’s a lot of competition for your prospects’ attention out there; it’s been estimated that people see or hear up to 4,000 ads per day! Pay attention to the fundamentals if you want to stand out.

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