Inspiration fueled by tacos

Along with getting tacos for lunch, these are some of the best ideas we've had all day.

Raise your (brand) standards

We love talking about brand. So when it comes to developing and managing brands, it’s safe to say we have high standards.

Top 5 Reasons Why We Build Custom Themes

Thinking about purchasing a pre-made theme or website template, check out the top 5 reasons why we build custom themes.

Confessions from an ad agency

Ad agencies have a reputation for their big-idea, big-executive, big-execution image. While depictions such as the glamorous world of “Mad Men” offer a glimpse of the stereotypes of the industry, experiencing the work environment first-hand lends an alternative perspective.


What is web accessibility, who does it affect and how do you make sure your website is accessible?

Refreshing your logo while retaining brand equity

How a logo refresh can go a long way without losing your existing brand equity.

Facebook Ads: Beyond Boosted Posts

From the enhanced creative capabilities of canvas ads to robust interest and behavior targeting, why just boosting your Facebook post isn't enough.

Colors have feelings, too

The psychology behind color and how we apply that to brand identity and visual communication for our clients.

Big talent. Big ideas.

We have big-agency talent with big ideas, and it's time to share those big ideas. Welcome to Vendi Insight. If you’re looking for insight into the world of marketing and advertising, you’ll find it here.

Understanding the impact of Apple’s iOS 14 policy update on Facebook advertising

Need help understanding Apple’s new policy update and how it affects Facebook advertising? Our director of digital marketing, Kelley Luedke, explains the controversial update and its impact.

Noticed all of those internet cookie pop-ups?

Here’s why you’re seeing those and what Vendi is doing to guide our clients through GDPR.

Our Bright Spots of the Year

In a year that’s challenged us to find new ways to be together, to learn and to work, we’re remembering the bright spots.

Vendi finalist for Governor’s Business Excellence Award

Vendi Advertising has been named one of 10 finalists for the Governor’s Business Excellence Award.