Reach 'em where they live

We get in front of your customers, wherever they live, work, watch, engage. Developing, trafficking and delivering your messaging are complementary functions. An advantage to working with Vendi—creative and media work closely together under one roof, resulting in stronger campaigns that get you to your goals, faster.


Vendi’s approach to media is like the media we place, a better mix of tradition and innovation. We research media use and habits, tap into the stations and platforms’ rich data and expertise and establish metrics. We then expertly schedule and negotiate.

We leverage traditional mass media for awareness building, search marketing to intercept targeted audiences, remarketing to serve relevant content to interested prospects, digital media to serve targeted creative to your audiences, guerilla tactics to surprise, energize and engage and more. The Vendi team meticulously tracks and analyzes results through a variety of methods—our reporting provides refreshing clarity and direction.